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Yes, it is legit and safe. Great snuggle buddy. Overall shape, size, dimensions, and color met expectations. There was no odor and package and item arrived in good condition, though no fancy box like I’ve seen videos on some smaller models but they and this still come in plain unmarked outer boxes. Only note is that…yes, this thing is heavy and the measurements are pretty spot on so take those to note. I would recommend and will probably make another future purchase.

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Yes, kind seller, excellent service. Great product for the price point. Feels almost natural. Great for longevity practice. Fun to have wife help and watch. I know there’s such a thing as fake reviews out there, and as a first-time buyer I did my research. I guess I can’t convince people if my review is legit or not, but all I can say is I recommend the seller and their products. I can’t wait to dress the doll and keep her warm at night.

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Yes, it’s safe. This one was a tough purchase decision for me based on price and weight. All dolls here seemed like a good option however, I wanted the biggest booty I could buy. This doll feels and looks real. It also serves as a great workout. She is the largest I’ve purchased which was why I was a little hesitant. At first, I struggled with different positions except missionary and was starting to have buyer’s remorse. But I took a break from her after multiple attempts of using it and was able to do different positions with her later. The clapback on this butt is impressive it makes you want to go over and over again. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, I definitely trust this vendor. This is the closest thing to a thick girl body that you can get in the line up. She has really nice curves and thick thighs. She’s a hefty doll but the weight is just right to make her feel like a real woman. The doll was so tempting it was hard to get any work done at home. It was fun slapping her boobs and ass and the vagina felt amazing with the lube. Overall, this is a great product and feels very realistic which has met all my needs perfectly!